The meaning of Art


What is it all about? he gestured at the wall. I sat mute, naked and hollow, a vision apart. He was dressed for the occasion but knew nothing of art. Then my brain exploded and fell on the floor. So I took my creation and walked out the door.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the auction. It was a wonderful experiment and some lovely exchanges were made.


Welcome to the Gallery

You can find my artwork in the gallery links at the top of this page. 

THE AUCTION IS ON NOW until 8pm AEST June 3!

This is my brilliant idea to send works out into the world before I do. I’m on my way to Europe for a year so I’m packing up my life.


See individual images for the current bid price

Current international postage prices

For a rolled up canvas with dimensions not exceeding 140cm (Width + Height)

UK                    1kg = $106,  2kg = $138,  3kg = $151,  4kg = $160

FRANCE          1kg = $106,  2kg = $139,  3kg = $154,  4kg = $169

AUSTRALIA    Approx. $20 – $30 (rolled canvas),

AUSTRALIA    Approx $140 for 100cm x 100cm – up to 5 kg

I appreciate everyone who enjoys a work enough to make an offer. In case you’re wondering where to start, the larger works in the French series and the Athens series will have a reserve. I know this is a scary business but it’s also exciting. You may get a bargain… I might get a windfall!  I hope these paintings and a few random ceramics will finds good homes but I also understand that we all have different tastes and aesthetics so I’m fine if you don’t like the work or can’t afford to bid.